nrw screw separator

Filtering and dewatering of highly viscous liquids.

The nrw screw separator: Economical solution for wastewater with a high content of solids.

The filtration / separation, storage or removal of highly viscous liquids often turns out to be very costly. Of course, this also includes wastewater with a very high proportion of solids.

The nrw screw separator remedies this by compressing solids from the wastewater.


Special advantages

  • Excellent separation performance, even with floated slurries.
  • Simple cleaning and easy replacement of spare parts.
  • Particularly long service life of the screw.
  • Low screw speed (5 to 24 rpm).
  • Low sound level.
  • Easy to transport as a mobile unit.
  • Long service life even with particularly abrasive media: The especially wear-resistant spiral is made of stainless steel and tipped with carbide.

    Permanently working

    • High separation ridge
    • Low space requirement
    • Extremely low maintenance
    • Designed for high durability
    • Economical thanks to low drive power.
    • Low-wear


    Cleaner & conditioner

    Areas of application wastewater treatment plant

    • Wastewater treatment

    Fields of industrial application

    • Process wastewater treatment
    • Cleaning of highly viscous liquids


    We inform you
    with pleasure in detail …

    Function: simple

    The heart of the screw separator is a screw that conveys the medium to be dewatered from the inlet through the screen basket to the press chamber.

    A compressed air operated shut-off cone closes the bale chamber. Here a plug is formed from the separated solids which closes the pressing chamber.

    To achieve the desired pressing result, the back pressure of the shut-off cone can be adjusted. Feeding takes place from the top of the machine. The separated solids are discharged at the front and the cleaned substrate flows off at the bottom.

    Basic equipment of the screw separator

    ASF400 standard version

    Screw separator ASF400 in the basic version

    Screw separator ASF200 with encapsulated pressing zone

    Screw separator ASF200 with encapsulated pressing zone

    Drive: Made in Germany

    nrw screw separators are driven by energy-efficient and highly reliable gear motors Made in Germany.

    Sieve insert

    The screen insert and screw must harmonize perfectly with each other and are manufactured with the greatest possible precision.

    Options screw separator

    Gap widths from 0.1 to 1.1 mm

    Gap widths from 0.1 to 1.1 mm

    Special design with wall bracket

    Special design with wall bracket

    Gap widths

    The screen basket can be manufactured in the gap widths 150 - 1100 microns.

    Special constructions

    On request, the systems can be manufactured as a special design, for example with an encapsulated pressing zone.


    • Stainless steel 1.4301
    • Stainless steel 1.4571
    • Special materials, for example 1.4462 Duplex (extremely corrosion-resistant)

    Accessories screw separator

    Screw separator ASF400
    Screw separator ASF400 with feed hopper and encapsulated pressing zone
    Screw separator ASF200 hygiene encapsulated

    Screw separator ASF200 hygiene encapsulated

    Electrical controls

    Control incl. Safety devices as standard or according to your specification.

    Sagging devices

    For hygienic collection and storage of the separated screenings.

    Undesirable: Odour nuisance due to unpleasant smells or vermin "hatching" in the screenings.

    A sagging device provides a remedy here. This also discourages animals from searching for food in screenings and spreading it over a large area.

    Feed tank

    With inlet flange according to DIN or ANSI.


    Underframes for adaptation to special installation conditions.

    Cleaning system

    For cleaning the strainer basket.

    Special design

    On request, the systems can be specially
    adapted to your purpose.

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