DK combination screens

Efficient solids removal thanks to combined coarse and fine filtration


Two-stage screen system for automatic removal of solids of various particle sizes from waste-water flows.
The raw waste-water is firstly fed through an integrated mechanical pre-cleaning stage where the larger-particle fouling is removed on a coarse screen. The pre-cleaned waste-water is then routed to the second screening stage where a finer perforated screen plate is installed for removal of smaller solids particles.


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    The removal (grading) of differing fractions makes it possible to implement a range of different disposal routes (for slaughterhouse waste-water, for example)
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    All brushes are mounted on one shaft and are driven by one drive system
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    Efficient pre-cleaning, for MBR systems, too
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    Adjustable polypropylene brushes
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    Optional heating system
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    Material: stainless steel (Material Number 1.4301, 1.4571 or special types in, for example, 1.4462)