Simply screened
Screen good – everything good.

Simply sieved
screen good – all good.

Screens for sewage treatment plants
and industrial applications.

The nrw contec screen. A screen that ensures lasting satisfaction worldwide. In mechanical wastewater treatment or the treatment of industrial cooling or process water:

  • Individually planned
  • Flexible in design
  • Efficient in use
  • Economical in every respect
  • Guaranteed reliable
  • Safe for many years

Many industrial companies and municipal operations around the world benefit from the reliability of our screen on a daily basis. Not without reason: the steady rise in the cost of fresh water supply and wastewater disposal calls for far-sighted measures.

IFAT Munic

The screen for a clean world

contec screen brush

The nrw contec screen

Install, power up, forget …

Screenings and screen sizes

Wastewater treatment with the right screen…
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Application examples

Mechanical pre-cleaning

Mechanical wastewater treatment

Membrane pre-cleaning

Protection of downstream membrane systems

screen sewage plant

Treatment of industrial cooling or process water

Retention system for support material

River water extraction for industrial process water

Customer testimonials

Absoultly reliable with very little maintenance.

CHT Germany GmbH


The sewage fees for the citizens could be reduced.

city of Monheim


Trouble-free continuous operation for many years.

Klingele Paper Mills