nrw contec riverscreen

Effective retention of solids from flowing waters.

The riverscreen:
An economical solution

nrw contec riverscreens are an economical solution when it comes to the extraction of process water in the industrial or municipal sector.

The vertical screens, as they are also called, are constantly submerged in water. They are attached vertically, like a slide plate, to the outside of a sheet pile wall.

In the case of heavier soiling, a deflector grille is recommended to protect the screen from damage by larger objects such as pieces of wood, etc.

Numerous wastewater treatment plant operators and industrial companies trust the stable, durable contec screen for River water extraction.

Your advantages at a glance:

Optimal separation ridge

Particularly high separation efficiency of screenings in the form of floating, sinking, suspended and fibrous materials.

Little space required

The riverwater screen scores thanks to its optimal ratio of screen area to size.

Low maintenance

Thanks to its robust design, a nrw contec riverscreen rarely requires maintenance. Service lives of up to 20,000 operating hours are not uncommon.

Simple installation

We build the screen so that it fits you. In addition, you always receive the nrw contec screen ready for use. On-site assembly is usually not required.

Easy care

A nrw contec riverscreen cleans reliably even if it has not been cleaned for a long period of time.


Only the adjustable brushes come into contact with the solids to be removed.

Saves energy

Depending on the application and design, nrw contec screens consume only between 0.45 and 5 watts per cubic metre of treated wastewater.


Easily adjustable brushes last up to several 10,000 hours of operation. No leakage due to worn seals between frame and rotating screens or screen drums.

Specific advantages

  • No discharge and disposal of screen necessary, as only clean water is taken from the river.
  • Ideally suited as a retention system for carrier material of a biology.
  • Encapsulated bearings in the underwater area.
  • Flood-proof drives

Effective & economical

A nrw contec riverscreen reliably removes floating matter such as wood or leaves. It also requires very little energy and is extremely low-maintenance.

Function: simple

  • The solids to be filtered out are retained by the perforated screen and swept back into the flow by the slowly rotating brushes.
  • Meanwhile, the cleaned water flows through the screen into the inlet structure. From there it usually flows into a further stage of water treatment.

Permanently working

  • High degree of separation of screenings
  • Low space requirement
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Designed for high durability
  • Economical thanks to low drive power
  • Low-wear

Cleaner & Conditioner

Areas of application wastewater treatment plant

  • Retention of carrier material

Fields of industial application

  • Withdrawal of river water

Basic equipment of the nrw contec riverscreen:
Sophisticated, robust and durable

Motor river water screen

Motor of the river water screen

Brushes river water screen

Brushing the riverscreen

Drive: Made in Germany

The brush cross in a nrw contec screen copes very well with only approx. 2 revolutions per minute. Driven by energy-efficient and highly reliable gear motors made in Germany.

Variable: Cleaning brushes

The polypropylene brushes installed in the river water screen achieve service lives of several years. Due to their length and arrangement, they are extremely resistant even to abrasive screenings.

To compensate for wear, you can simply readjust the brushes. In normal operation, the brushes achieve service lives of several years.

Options for the nrw contec riverscreen

Flood-proof drive

Flood-proof drive

Sieve perforation 1.0 to 15 mm

Screen opening from 1.0 to 15 mm

Screen perforation

  • ultra-fine sieve: sieve width 0.8 - 2 mm
  • Fine sieve: sieve width 2 - 4 mm
  • Coarse sieve: sieve width 4 - 16 mm


  • Stainless steel 1.4301
  • Stainless steel 1.4571
  • Special materials, for example 1.4462 Duplex (extremely corrosion-resistant)

Special constructions

The systems are supplied on request

  • as a special construction for existing structures,
  • with encapsulated bearings for underwater use.

Flood-proof drive

Can be supplied with flood-proof drives in protection class IP68 for trouble-free underwater operation.

Accessories for the nrw contec river water screen

Control screen

Control system for nrw contec screens

Underwater work during an installation

Installation with underwater work


As a standard version or according to your desired specification.

Covers and hoods

Lubrication equipment

Manual or automatic lubrication devices for the shaft bearings.


Special constructions in addition to the inlet structure.

Special constructions

For existing structures.

Deflector grille

To protect the screen from damage by larger objects such as pieces of wood.

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