Products from nrw Anlagentechnik

Clear perspectives for any polluted water

We at nrw Anlagentechnik are aware of responsible wastewater treatment to conserve water and energy. That is why we have been building the popular nrw contec screen for many years.

Benefit from tailor-made products that incorporate the experience of over 70 years. From a wide range of screens and system components for the mechanical coarse and fine cleaning of polluted water.

nrw contec screens

Contec screens

sieve screen

Flow rate: 2.5 to 3,600 m³/h

Sieving: 1-fold

Suitable for low flow rates – for example for small wastewater treatment plants or small mobile test plants – up to large wastewater treatment plants for wastewater treatment.

Combination screens

Combi-screening on membrane clarification plant

Flow rate : up to 80 m³/h

Sieving: 2-fold

The clever screen: one drive for coarse and fine sieving.


Throughput: up to 3,600 m³/h

Sieving: 1-fold

For river water extraction.

Screw separator

Screw separator ASF 400

Throughput: up to 60 m³/h

For waste water with a high content of solids.