Pilot sewage treatment plant

Sewage fees reduced

Wastewater treatment plant

Municipal waste water


60 – 80 m³/h


1.5 mm screen opening

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MBR and soil filter pilot sewage treatment plant Monheim equipped with nrw contec screen.

Since December 2014, we have been using a “nrw contec screen type RBS 8” between the mechanical treatment stage and the inlet of the aeration tank at our membrane treatment plant.

To eliminate foreign matter this has the task of further minimising debris and fibres from the upstream 1mm slotted screen in the feed.

The new nrw contec screen was equipped with a 1.5mm perforated plate and is pressurized with 60-80m³/h. The permanently rotating brushes scrape off the perforated plate and discharge the screenings into an integrated screenings press. This transports it further into a screenings container. Initial expectations of only a few residual materials that this machine can handle have already been far exceeded during trial operation with a test machine.

A short time later we received the nrw contec screen designed for us, which is adapted to our flow conditions. After a few hours of operation, we have noticed: It is remarkable how much screenings were able to flow unhindered into our activated screenings plant in the past.

We are completely satisfied with the nrw-contec screen. In this way, we not only protect the pumps and agitators in the activation process, but above all our sensitive membrane cassettes. Cleaning these cassettes is now much faster. In addition, the service life of the membranes increases significantly. And the sewage fees for the citizen could be reduced.

Waste water master: Wolfgang Wild